Birding Howard County, Maryland

Map of Gorman NRA

Eden Brook Drive, Columbia Maryland 21046
Kindler Road, Laurel Marylayd 20723
GormanMap (98K)
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Directions for Gorman NRA

Gorman NRA ADC map pg. 5052-K4 & pg. 5053-A5, Delorme map pg. 57-D5

South Section Go south on US 29 to Exit 15 (To Johns Hopkins/Gorman Road, east). At the traffic light at the top of the long exit ramp, turn left on Johns Hopkins and go over US 29 to a traffic circle. Go halfway around the circle and exit (a large green sign says Johns Hopkins Road to Gorman Road). In 0.1 mile turn left on Gorman Road and continue another 0.1 mile to a landscaped triangle. At this point Gorman Road goes right but Kindler Road continues straight. Take Kindler 0.3 mile to a barrier across the road. Park along the road and walk downhill past the gate to reach the trails both east and west along the river.

North Section From US 29, go east on MD 32 for about 1.0 mile and take the Shaker Drive/Eden Brook Drive exit. Bear right at the top of the ramp to the traffic light at Eden Brook Drive. Turn left and drive 0.5 mile to the traffic light at Guilford Road. Continue straight across the intersection entering Dickinson (Kings Contrivance Village Center will be on the left). Follow Eden Brook Drive 0.6 mile to the deadend at a metal barrier just beyond the intersection with First League. Park and walk along the paved road remnant downhill to the river where there are beaten paths in both directions.

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