Birding Howard County, Maryland

Photographs from Savage Park

Entrance Sign
Entrance sign

Main Building Plaza
Main building

Main Building
Main building

Pavillion and Ball Field
Recreation area


Middle Patuxent River

Savage Park

Savage Park river scene

Top four photos by Jo Solem; next four by Bob Solem

Savage had a railroad serving the quarries, and there are remnants of the mill races in the park.

Old railroad

P1000188 (95K)

Photos by Bob Solem

Continue west along the Little Patuxent River to connect to the Patuxent Branch Trail

Photos by Jo Solem

But while you are strolling, look for fungi.

Squat Mushroom
Catathelamsa ventricosa

Wesley Earp

Rosy Polypore
Fomitopsis cajanderi

Jo Solem

Hen of the Woods
Grifola frondosa

Wesley Earp

Two-colored Bolete
Boletus bicolor

Jo Solem

Red-pored Bolete
Boletus vermiculosus cluster

Jo Solem

Common Puffball
Lycoperdon perlatum

Wesley Earp

Dryad's Saddle
Cerioporus squamosus

Jo Solem

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