Western Regional Map and Directions

Birding Howard County, Maryland

Map of Western Regional Park

western_regional_park_map (143K)
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Directions for Western Regional Park

14800 Carrs Mill Road, Woodbine, MD 21723
westernregional_vicinity_map (54K)

Western Regional Park - ADC map pg. 4812-E1, Delorme map pg. 56-B3.
At the junction of I-70 and MD 97, go south on MD 97 1.7 miles to the traffic light at Carrs Mill Rd. Turn right (west) and continue 0.3 mile to the park entrance on the right. Lots are on both left and right sides of the entrance road. After passing the lighted ball fields, a gate may bar vehicle access to the western section of the park; you may park in a nearby lot and walk in.

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