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Flora and Fauna of Howard County, Maryland

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Amphibians & Reptiles

Howard County Amphibian & Reptile Atlas (HARA). Maps, charts, and lists.

Howard County Amphibian and Reptiles Photo Gallery. MARA project photographs.

Reptiles & Amphibians of Maryland. PDF file published by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.


Howard County Butterflies – Photo Gallery. All photographs from Howard County.

The Butterflies of Howard County, Maryland: A Biological Summary and Checklist.
PDF file; compiled by Richard Smith.

Backyard Butterflies. PDF color brochure designed by Linda Hunt.


Howard County Odonates – Photo Gallery. All photographs from Howard County.

Howard County Dragonflies & Damselflies. List and phenograms.

Odonates of Maryland/D.C. Accepted records for each Maryland county and D.C.; maintained by Richard Orr.

Checklists for Maryland/D.C. Odonates. Links to checklists for each Maryland county and D.C.

Field Guide to Migratory Dragonflies PDF file. Distributed by the Xerxes Society; produced by the Migratory Dragonfly Partnership.

Other Insects

Bees of Howard County. PDF file compiled by Richard Orr thru 2015.

Bees of Maryland. Photographic guide compiled by Sam Droge.

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Fungi, Lichens, Mosses & Liverworts

Fungi, Mushrooms, & Toadstools — a pictorial key

Lichens of Howard County, MD. PDF file; compiled by Richard Orr.

Mosses & Liverworts of Howard County. PDF file; compiled by Richard Orr.

(Toad on a toadstool...)